This is a narrative featuring Squirtle (Ash's Squirtle). He's sort of against trainers, battles, and Poké Balls. He also talks about his mom a lot here. The way I imagine it, he really rambles. If I seem redundant in something I say, blame it on Squirtle's irregular way of talking in English. ^_^

Squirtle's Tale
by Nick

I was born to my mommy. She was a good mommy. She was a Wartortle. She had run away from evil trainer. He made her fight the bad Grass Monsters. Grass Monsters make you weak, they take your water away. I don't want to lose my water to a bad Grass Monster. But all the Grass Monsters would try to hurt me and my mommy. But sometimes the evil trainers would come take them. Mommy said she had been taken too, by a big red and white ball. She said getting your water taken away by Grass Monster was not bad like the red and white ball was. With the red and white ball, you never saw mommies again, she said. Sometime, my friends got taken by the evil trainers, and I cried. All trainers were evil, Mommy said. Anyone who took you from a mommy and made you lose your water was bad. He was a very bad person to do that. One day, Mommy tried to save me from a red and white ball, but she was taken away again. I heard her cry when she was in the ball. I cried. I didn't want her to be taken by evil trainer and have to fight Grass Monsters and live in red and white ball. If I did get taken, I'd lose my mommy. But now she lose me. I hope she could run away from evil trainer and come back to me, where I'd have a mommy again.

One day after Mommy got taken by evil trainer, another evil trainer came. He had big scary Grass Monsters that could even take my Mommy's water away too. I tried to run from the big scary Grass Monsters but they kept hurting me with their Grass Monster attacks. There was a different type of Monster too. It was big and brown and it would hurt me with its big tail. It hurt more than getting water taken away. Sometimes I would be hurt by something that felt like I was stuck in place. Evil trainer called it "tunder-shawk." Once the big brown not-Grass Monster stopped hitting me with the tail and stop tundershawking me, it would fall on me hard. It landed on my belly and made me hurt. The not-Grass Monster got off, and evil trainer threw a red and white ball at me. I tried to get out so if Mommy came I would be there for her to be with. The ball hurt to be inside, and it felt funny. I thought it would take all my water for the evil trainer to give to the big scary Grass Monsters and the brown not-Grass Monster.

I wanted to be not-alive. The evil trainer had made my mommy leave, and another made me leave. When evil trainer made me come out of red and white ball, I would run away and then evil trainer would make the red and white ball make me go back in ball. I hated evil trainer and wanted to make him not-alive too. I would make the Grass Monsters and the not-Grass Monster take his water and show him what it feels like to lose what you like a lot to have. One day I knocked that dumb red and white ball out of evil trainer's hands. He yelled at me and when he tried to hurt me with his Monsters, I hit him too and ran away really fast.

I found other Squirtles that wanted to make their evil trainers not-alive. They lost their mommies too and wanted to be mean to the evil trainers. They thought I was the best Squirtle and made me leader of their team. We would be mean to people who would try to get us into red and white balls and take our water. The nice not-trainers would call us the Squirtle Squad. I don't know why.

One day, all the Squirtles helped these two people who were mean to trainers too. They said they were Team Rockets. The man said he wanted the Pikachu that belonged to evil trainer named Ash. Someone told me a Pikachu grows up to be one of those brown not-Grass Monsters that tried to hurt me bad. We helped them and their Meowth cat take all the evil trainers. Two of the evil trainers had been Gym leaders. Mommy told me that that's where they make Monsters fight so evil trainers can be happy and take more Squirtles from their mommies. But the Pikachu was real sick and we let the evil trainer go and get things. We thought he would get more scary not-Grass Monsters and hurt all us Squirtles, but he didn't and he helped the Pikachu. I thought that he was not an evil trainer. He liked Monsters, and when the Team Rockets ended up throwing boom things at us, he saved me when I fell on my back. I wanted to be his Squirtle because he was a not-evil trainer.

I still miss Mommy. I wish I could be at home with her and talk and help hurt the bad Grass Monsters back. But not-evil trainer Ash is very nice. I hope that Mommy's with a not-evil trainer Ash too.

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